Carrollton Carpeting Cleaning: Serving Carrollton. Texas & Surronding Areas - Residential & Commericial




24 Hour Water Extraction

No matter when your flood or leak disaster occurs, Platinum Carpet Cleaning will send in our emergency team to dry out you, your furniture and your carpets, 24/7/365. Call us and we guarantee to have our emergency squad working within four hours to get your home or business premises habitable again. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction even on emergency flood and leak disaster jobs such as these.

Structural Drying

When your flood or leak disaster hits it is not only your carpets that take a soaking. The underlying floor area as well as walls and furniture will also require intensive and effective drying if mold and other health hazards are to be avoided. Platinum technicians are experts in structural cleaning, drying and decontamination in both residential and commercial units and will be pleased to help restore your premises after any kind of water disaster.

Carpet Cleaning

Our steam clean technique uses highly pressurized hot water to blast to the roots of carpet fibers and lift dirt, debris and stains to the surface where they are then rotary-suctioned away into our truck-mounted waste water tanks. This system ensures that no residual detergent remains and helps to lift the pile leaving your carpet with a fresher, newly installed appearance.

Carpet Stretching & Repairs

Sometimes carpets need a little more than just cleaning to get them looking good as new. Platinum’s professional carpet restorers are experts in repairing, spot dyeing, color restoration and even stretching your carpet so as to get the best possible results. We always offer a consultation and will give you an honest appraisal of what you can realistically expect.


Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Even if your home looks spotless it will never feel truly clean if the persistent odor of family pets lingers in the air. As part of our regular carpet cleaning service, Platinum technicians use specialized carpet, upholstery, tile and other surface deodorizer products that neutralize all types of animal odors, including urine and ‘wet dog’.

Scotch Guard & DuPont Teflon

Once your carpet and upholstery are cleaned to perfection Platinum recommends using Scotch Guard and DuPont Teflon treatments to keep them looking good for a long time to come. These products are excellent at repelling spills and surface dirt from most fabrics and upholstery and can also be used in tiled areas too to keep your grout pristine and protect against stains.

Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning

Platinum carpet cleaning technicians are also experts in cleaning, restoring and removing stains from tiled and natural stone floors and other surfaces. We have powerful grout cleaning formulas that will dissolve away ground-in dirt, as well as special sealing products that will protect your tile, stone and grout from future spills and every day wear and tear.

Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Why stop at just carpet cleaning? Our expert technicians can make-over your entire home or office by cleaning your upholstery, rugs and furniture too. We use specially formulated detergents that are child and pet-friendly and won’t damage the environment or leave behind any lingering toxins or chemical odors.

Mattress Cleaning

Accidents happen in even the best run households. Platinum’s powerful but gentle cleaning formulas can safely and effectively remove stains and odors from mattresses and upholstered furniture leaving them sweet-smelling and refreshed and with no lingering traces of toxins or chemical odor. And once they’re clean we can Scotch-Guard your mattress or furniture so that they remain resistant against possible future spills or stains.

Air Duct Cleaning

Who ever gets around to cleaning their air ducts and dryer vents? Let Platinum expert cleaners take care of this chore for you before your vents get clogged. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised at the dramatic improvement in air quality after we have cleaned. We can perform this service alongside our regular carpet and other cleaning services or why not schedule us to call on a twice-yearly air duct maintenance plan?

Odor Removal

Platinum’s specialized child and environmentally-friendly deodorizing products will eliminate those unpleasant and persistent smells which pollute your home or office atmosphere and detract from your comfort. Our odor-neutralizing products can be applied to carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces and are safe, effective and leave behind no harsh or toxic chemical residues.